Aspiring Green


Theme-Based Research

Web-Design Research

Sources of Inspiration

Symmetrical Info Boxes

We modeled our Sustainable Practices page after the home page of the EPA’s website. The EPA utilized symmetrical boxes with images at the top, and we thought this looked very clean and concise, so we created a similar graphic. 

Themed Images

The images on the left are from the Department of Energy website, listed under the “Save Energy, Save Money” section. We liked the color scheme and theme of these images, as well as the fact they all matched each other very well, so we aimed to use a similar set of matching images on our website. This can be seen on the Home page, under the energy solutions section, as well as on the bottom of the sustainable practices page. 

Section Transitions

These images all show examples of transitions between sections of a website.

The top images are from CleanChoiceEnergy, and show how a wavy and curved design makes a website look nicer, and allows for smoother transitions between sections. We used this technique on all of our headers for each page, and it adds a lot. 

The lower image is from  TWI Energy, and shows how sharper transitions can also be used. 

Circle Link Icons

This image is from GreenPlaces, and demonstrates the use of circle icons to show additional information. We took inspiration from this website on our “Sustainable Practices” section of our Home page.