Aspiring Green

Design Brief

PA Region 3 Design Brief


This year’s theme was “Green Energy Initiatives.”
The goal was to develop a website that compiles information for homeowners on green and clean energy home solutions and other initiatives. The website should provide basic information, cost, tax rebate information, and clean/green energy practices. 

Our Solution

Our Team

Team Number: 2125-901

Team Members:
2125-015| 2125-021| 2125-032| 2125-035| 2125-028

About the Company

Aspiring Green is an organization whose goal is to provide information on green energy and sustainable practices for your everyday life. They do this by compiling information from many sources, such as local green energy suppliers, field experts, and the state and federal government. 


Create a professional and easy to navigate website that meets or exceeds all requirements of the theme.

Include features such as:

Steps Toward the Final Product

Additional Resources

The following resources can be found under the “design brief” dropdown in the top navigation bar, and are described in more detail below:

This page describes the steps we took to create our own custom cost calculator, where we found info on the tax rebates provided to citizens for investing in green energy, and also where we learned some new information along the way.

This page describes our timeline for the project. It gives dates, and how we worked around our deadline. It also describes how we distributed the work.

In order to stay compliant with DMCA rules, we took our time and carefully made sure we gave credit, where credit is due.

Thank you for taking the time to review our website, and we hope you enjoy!